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I find it difficult to explain why you should come to know us. I can think of several things:  our cocktails, location, dinners, etc. All that is true.  The most important thing is the atmosphere, think of a place where we make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

We started this venture eight years ago with a pub that we called Piazza, but it's best known as Freddy's Pub (my name is Federico).

Our little venture turned into a little adventure when three years ago we set up a restaurant next door, of course under the same name Piazza. First our friends started coming over and soon few Atletico Madrid fans (the football club I belong to) began to gather here at the pub.

Little by little we started growing, specializing in cocktails and sports.  So that all who visit us can enjoy all major European Football Championships as well as other sports such as Rugby, F1, Tennis  or Golf.  You can enjoy watching all these sports on one of the five screens available at our bar.

When you visit us, I'm sure you will enjoy our wonderful outside terrace ideal for summer nights where mojitos , daiquiris or gin and tonics have a special flavor .

Now I'd like to tell you some words about our restaurant. In the same way that the pub, we grew gradually until today. Without being ostentatious, we offer an extensive menu of carefully prepared dishes. There is no doubt, our specialty is Paella, it's really worth trying.

And I'd like to add just one more thing, dining outside at our restaurant, listening to live classical music offered by our Russian friends Dimitri and Elena, all these turn your summer nights into an unforgettable experience.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we are situated at Penalva Abad Plaza No. 1, opposite the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (in the heart of Old Town).

Well, I hope I haven't bored you much. Just to tell you that we're waiting for you here and we'll do our best to make you enjoy a unique experience at Piazza, whenever you come over.